Top 10 States to Make a Good Living

Top 10 States to Make a Good Living

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When searching for a job there are many factors that are taken into consideration. The process could be equated to choosing the colleges you will apply to. Pros and cons are weighed such as the culture, location, and price that should match your personality and needs. With jobs being scarce and unemployment still relatively high it is important to look at all options for employment; including relocation. Forbes writer Jacquelyn Smith compiled data from to find the 10 best cities to make a living in. The factors that are taken into consideration when choosing these cities are the cost of living, salary, taxes, the unemployment rate there and workplace environment. Here’s where you should search:

No. 1  Washington

According to the stats Washington has an average salary of over $50,000 but a lower cost of living than most of the other states. In conjunction with that there are no state taxes which allows residents to keep more of their salary. They also rank above average for workplace environment.

No. 2 Virginia

Virginia has an average salary of $49, 540 and a low cost of living. They also have a lower unemployment rate compared to the other states.

No. 3 Colorado

Colorado has an average salary of $48, 110 with the cost of living about the same as the national average. Residents of Colorado give it the third highest ranking for workplace environment which means that workers are getting more enjoyment from their jobs.

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