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3 Work-Life Balance Tips for the Extreme Workaholic

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Was your weekend consumed by work e-mails and prep for Monday?  With your job being such an integral part of your life, it is natural that you would be engaged even when you’re not in the office.

But when your personal growth and life is being neglected, it may be time to reevaluate the amount of time you are investing. You’ll be engaged in a long-term business relationship for several years and although it may be okay to be available after hours for some it may not be altogether healthy. If this sounds familiar it may be time to setup some workplace boundaries. Here are 3 ways to setup workplace boundaries from Forbes contributor Daily Muse.

Avoid company-issued devices (if you can): When I started as a manager with a new company several years ago, they offered me a Blackberry (remember those?) on my first day. Since it wasn’t required, I politely declined, and as a result, never developed an addiction to the device.

More importantly, without having to say a word, I established an important boundary with my employer, essentially defining “office hours” much like your professors in college did. Between the hours of 7 AM and 6 PM, Monday through Friday, I could be found in the office. After that, I was essentially unreachable–unless someone wanted to dig up my personal cell number.

Admittedly, this was a few years ago, and things have advanced to a point where most of us can access our desktops virtually, but not having a company-issued cell phone or laptop helps create that division between your personal and professional life and sets the expectation that you won’t be taking work home on a regular basis.

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