10 Tips to Amp Up Your Dropbox User Experience

10 Tips to Amp Up Your Dropbox User Experience

Accessing Files: File sharing and allowing team members to access content remotely and for co-located teams during meetings is critical. Two recommended tools are Dropbox mobile app and Google Docs.
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If you’ve ever been caught slippin’ without access to your data or files, you know how helpless a feeling that is. And with cloud technology and services such as Dropbox, on-the-go professionals can prevent being without their essential documents, presentations and photos.

The file-hosting site, which is a free service, unless you opt for the paid upgrade, allows you to upload your photos, documents and videos to folders that can be accessed and shared anywhere there is an Internet connection. With the growing need to be connected at all times, Mashable provides 10 tips to enhancing your Dropbox user experience:

Refer a friend and get more storage for free

Free users automatically have access to 2GB of space, but did you know you could get more storage without paying for an upgrade? Dropbox will gift you 500MB for every friend you refer to the popular service. If you fill out the “Getting Started” checklist, you will score 250MB–and another 125MB for connecting your social media accounts to the site.

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