Month of The Man: Young Black Leaders Talk Keys to Success

Month of the Man: How Young Black Men Can Upgrade Their Boss Moves

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On Monday, June 3, hosted its first Month of the Man Twitter chat, part one in a series of lunchtime talks tailored to male leaders of color. This week’s chat focused on how young black men can upgrade their boss moves to pave their own lanes and beat the odds. Featured experts included Antoine Moss, Ph.D., contributor and career coach; Cole Wiley, a Harvard Law graduate who’s changing the game in filmmaking; and  Mychal Denzel Smith, blogger and social social commentator for The Nation.

Each talked about the role of negative stereotypes and peer pressure, how to find a mentor, and steps to take in paving your own lane for a fulfilling career path.

Check out this recap of tips and quips from the chat, and be sure to join us every Monday in June for our #MonthofTheMan Twitter chats tailored for power men of color around the world: