Mental Motivation: How to Train Yourself to Be Successful

Mental Motivation: How to Train Yourself to Be Successful

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

I’ve always been a strong believer in that age-old saying, “What you believe, so you shall be.” One’s beliefs and thoughts about themselves and the world around them can dictate their steps and how they interact with and impact the world.

I was always taught growing up that it’s not about what someone says or does to you but what you think and do for yourself. Thus, if you believe you can do something, and you turn that belief into action, you will do it.

True, there are some things many of us can’t yet fathom being possible or happening in our lives. But having a mindset that welcomes the unknown and laughs in the face of the “You can’ts” and “You won’ts” has gotten me a lot further in my career and life than one that embraces “That’s not possible.”

There are amazing athletes who have trained their minds to believe they can do something and then went further to train their bodies to fall in line. Well, what if you could train your mind to facilitate success?

Check out this infographic, via American Express Open Forum, that provides steps on how to rewire your brain for bigger boss moves:

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