17 Ways to Find Happiness in the Office

Keep It Positive: 17 Ways to Find Your Happiness At the Office

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There’s no doubt that you spend a good majority of your day in the office. Sometimes the amount of time that you spend there plus your commute outweighs the amount of time that you get to relax at home. It’s often mandatory to be at work for a fixed period of time, but it’s also important you’re happy there. It may seem hard at times with the demands you have throughout the day, but there’s a way to keep yourself sane and happy at the office. Geoffrey James, a writer for Inc, outlines 17 ways that you can stay happy at the office. Here are the top seven:

If you’re not happy in your current job, and have been contemplating changing careers, take a look within before looking for greener pastures. The answers to your happiness may very well be within yourself.

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