Advance Your Career With A Strong Company Culture

Advance Your Career With A Strong Company Culture

3 Myths About Successful Startup Cultures
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Having a successful career requires several factors. It depends on the individuals resilience and dedication to their field, an understanding and expectation of innovation in the industry, and most importantly a good company fit. An undervalued factor, the workplace can make or break a persons career. As an employee your ideal match for a company should have a low turnover rate and a company culture that nurtures career growth as well as matching your personality. There are few who find the ideal match for this type of employer and this is especially hard to do in a job market that is overflowing with applicants.

As an employer hiring choices should be taken seriously especially if there is growth expected. Amy S. Choi of Entrepreneur highlights the changes of virtual phone systems company Grasshopper. As a startup Grasshopper grew quickly and hired many new employees, some who did not fit into the goals of the company, which led to high turnover rates. Grasshopper had to reassess their hiring practices to find better fits for the company culture.

Whether an employer or an employee having clear goals in mind is imperative to finding a good match. For the employer this means long term dedication and business growth from the employee. For an employee this means a company fit that will nurture your career growth by building on your strengths and helping to eliminate your weaknesses. Check out the trial and errors of Grasshopper in creating a company culture built for success.

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