Best Places for College Graduates

Let Your Career Choice Begin With Where You Will Live


With graduation on the horizon for many there are some real life decisions to be made. Where will you live? Where will you work? The question of where you live should be answered first before the other becomes a factor. A survey of recent college grads by Apartment Guide found that 70% of graduates would be relocating to a new area.  To secure a position, especially in today’s economy, the where should definitely be established first. Factors such as the amount of jobs, the cost of living, and taxes should be taken into consideration before coming to a decision. Huffington Post showcased the list from Apartment Guide of the 10 Best Cities for post college life. Find out if the city of your dreams made it.

Top 10 Best Cities for Graduates:

No. 1 New York, NY

No. 2 Washington, D.C.

No. 3 Philadelphia, PA

No. 4 Seattle, WA

No. 5 Minneapolis, MN

No. 6 San Francisco, CA

No. 7 Chicago, IL

No. 8 Las Vegas, NV

No. 9 Portland, OR

No. 10 Denver, CO

Where would you want to begin your career?