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Why 2011 Was All about the Protestor

Wall Street protesters take to the streets of Manhattan's Financial District (Image: Janel Martinez)

Today Time magazine revealed its “Person of the Year,” a perennial end-of-year tradition the magazine has held since 1927 (when Charles Lindbergh was first named “Man of the Year”). For 2011, the winner is…The Protestor.

The Protestor, the magazine’s editors say, is changing the face of global politics—from Arab Springs to Occupy Wall Street. Though the honor can go from accolade (President Barack Obama in 2008) to acknowledgement of some sinister impact on history (Adolph Hitler in 1938), the person of the year is usually someone that people are talking about—or will be soon.

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LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK: Is “The Protestor” a good choice for Person of the Year? Who else should make the list?