Tiffany Yu on REVOLT TV, Defeating Disability and More

Tiffany Yu on REVOLT TV, Defeating Disability and More

We always hear rumors about what it’s like to work for Diddy, and he even built a reality show around it. How is it working at REVOLT?

I don’t work directly with Mr. Sean Combs, but I can say that it is pretty incredible to be part of a company where everyone is so ambitious, everyone wants to win, everyone wants to see the network succeed. I know that Black Enterprise has been a huge fan of everything that REVOLT is doing, so of course we want to thank you for always being on the pulse and always being connected with us.

As a woman of color who’s broken the glass ceiling, what would you tell another young woman striving to do the same?

I remember reading an article on LinkedIn a couple months ago, and the one piece of advice that was given in the article was to take the most challenging job that you could out of college. And I think that really makes a difference, because I think back to the first job that I had out of college and it was working on Wall Street. And working on Wall Street led to the opportunity I took after Wall Street and this opportunity at REVOLT. The other piece of advice I would give is to not compare yourself to others. …given the last couple of years of what I’ve done with my career, I don’t think anyone else has had the same journey I have, and I’m glad that it’s been my own unique journey and I’ve been able to find my own way through it.

You’ve had such an amazing journey. What’s been the biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make to achieve such success, and how did you do it?

Wow! That is a great question. [Laughs.] I don’t know if you know this about my background, but I got into a pretty serious car accident when I was younger and that left me with a physical disability. When I think about that question, I don’t necessarily think I’ve had to make sacrifices along the way and I’m so grateful for REVOLT and the previous jobs that I had for being so accommodating. But having to learn to adapt to having a disability has taught me to think about things differently and potentially do things differently. At Black Enterprise magazine you guys are really interested in women and people of color and what they’re doing, and I just think it’s amazing to be at a place like REVOLT and the previous places I worked at that don’t view me as Tiffany the person with the disability, but rather Tiffany who works in the finance department… [who] does a good job at what she does; that’s the best measure of performance. If you think about diversity as a whole, ability/disability fits into the whole story of race, gender, all these other things that people are discussing now.

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