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This Highly-Reviewed Language Learning App Can Help Boost Your Career Earnings Potential

(Image via Anna Shvets)

Successful businesses are able to communicate clearly with external partners. Communication is especially vital if you work for an international company or one that plans on expanding. If you limit yourself to your native language, your potential for growth within your company is confined. Learning a new language or two will broaden your opportunities, and your managers will certainly take notice. 

But where are you going to get the time to learn a new language if you’re busy working? If you took a foreign language course in school, you might remember just how tiresome sit-in language classes can be. Luckily, Babbel lets you learn up to up to 14 different languages with bite-sized lessons to fit any schedule. You can get a lifetime subscription to the number one top-grossing language learning app this holiday season for $199, or a massive 50% off! 

Why Babbel Language Learning?

Babbel was developed by over 100 expert linguists to give you a practical approach to language learning. Users learn new languages through practical conversational topics. The app uses speech recognition to reward you for correct pronunciation. The lesson difficulties range from beginner to advanced, keeping you challenged and entertained along the journey. Lessons can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes at any time. 

With a lifetime subscription, you get full access to 14 different languages, including Spanish (both Spain and Latin American dialects), German, Italian, French, and more! If your company often does business with Latin American countries, for instance, taking Babbel’s Spanish courses will allow you to communicate effectively and help your company reach its business goals. 

Babbel can teach you how to speak any of these languages confidently within a month. Don’t just take our word for it. Babbel has over 550,000 4.5 star reviews on the Google Play Store and over 180,000 4.6 star reviews on the App Store. On top of that, Babbel received stellar reviews from The Economist and PC Mag.

If you want to learn a new language to boost your career growth and earning potential, look no further than Babbel. Lifetime access to Babbel is currently 50% off, one of the biggest deals of the season