Launches 'TSL Sports Talk' Radio Show
Lifestyle Launches Digital Radio Show ‘TSL Sports Talk’

Shadow League Digital announced the launch of “Shadow League Radio,” its new digital radio platform to air on, early last month.

Shadow League Radio’s programming will infuse an urban perspective into discussion topics across sports news, social media, original content and sociocultural happenings. Content generation for the shows will be based on listener’s on-air, social and emailed contributions.

Yussuf Khan, general manager and senior vice president of national sales, Shadow League Digital noted: “We are excited to launch Shadow League Radio. Our vision is to create a platform where the dialog, while stimulated and enhanced through TSL-created editorial content, is driven by the listeners–where they have a voice and truly contribute to the flow and direction of each broadcast.”

Tomorrow–Shadow League Radio will debut “TSL Sports Talk,” the site’s first digital radio show hosted by veteran sports journalist Mark Gray and produced by Heritage Sports Radio Network (HSRN). Created by Shadow League Digital, TSL Sports Talk will cover the NFL, NCAA Football, the MLB Playoffs, the NBA, NCAA Basketball and will sprinkle in some lifestyle elements. TSL Sports Talk will air every Thursday on from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET.

Listeners can contribute to show discussion and topic generation by emailing the show via TSLSportsTalk or on Twitter via @TSLSportsTalk.

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