The World's 30 Unfriendliest Cities in the World

The World’s 30 Unfriendliest Cities in the World


In a recent survey, Travel + Leisure asked readers to rank 266 cities on “everything from their access to art and culture to the friendliness of their people.” While Moscow, Russia, landed at the bottom of T&L’s unfriendliest list, purportedly for its “notoriously bad traffic and general aloofness,” St. Petersburg, Florida, scored the highest on the list for its lackluster city and cultural experiences. Here’s a snapshot of the list which includes some of the responses from T&L readers.

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St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.
Score: 76.403

T+L Reader Feedback: Travelers expressed disappointment in their St. Petersburg experience, suggesting they wanted something more from the city and its people.

Newport, Rhode Island
Score: 75.966

T+L Reader Feedback: “It’s too crowded,” one reader reported, “and the locals don’t want you there!”

Monte Carlo, Monaco
Score: 75.882

T+L Reader Feedback: “Monte Carlo has become a playboy’s playground,” Robert Barnes reported ruefully. “It’s haughty and ultra-expensive,” said another reader.

Shanghai, China
Score: 75.706

T+L Reader Feedback: Many travelers found Shanghai to be a bit crowded and overwhelming. “People stayed to themselves,” noted one reader. Spend some quiet time at the new Power Station of Art museum, or the Rockbund Art Museum.

Lyon, France
Score: 75.577

T+L Reader Feedback: Many praised this walkable, attractive city, but unfortunate encounters with locals dragged down Lyon’s overall score.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Score: 75.470

T+L Reader Feedback: In this year’s survey, many repeat visitors to Argentina’s capital sadly noted a decline in the atmosphere. Buenos Aires’ nightlife continues to wow, but crime and crumbling infrastructure made many uneasy.

Milan, Italy
Score: 75.149

T+L Reader Feedback: “Be extremely careful that tour guides do not take advantage of you,” warned one reader. Others thought people seemed self-absorbed.

Marrakesh, Morocco
Score: 74.795

T+L Reader Feedback: It’s also known for being difficult to navigate as a tourist. “If [you] even raise your camera, [people] are on you like flies, wanting money.” While its gardens and riads enchant, hassling vendors can be exhausting.

Nice, France
Score: 74.407

T+L Reader Feedback: “The people were not friendly at all,” remarked one unhappy traveler. “I would not pay to go back.” If this French city is on your can’t-miss list, consider a stop in Èze, a medieval clifftop village located halfway to Monaco, or St. Paul de Vence; a hilltop village that has long enchanted artists.

Xi’an, China
Score: 74.382

T+L Reader Feedback: “Pushy shop-owners make for tense people-to-people experiences.”

St. Louis, Missouri
Score: 74.124

T+L Reader Feedback: “[It’s] not good for the future of the city,” worried one reader.

Fort. Lauderdale, Florida
Score: 73.861

T+L Reader Feedback: One visitor suggested Fort Lauderdale should work on its people skills.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Score: 73.492

T+L Reader Feedback: “I arrived in Cincinnati on a weekend,” said an anonymous voter, “and I thought it was closed.”

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