The Sports Résumé: The Best Season for a Job in Football Coaching

The Sports Résumé: The Best Season for Your Football Coaching Job Search

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Mid- to late-December is the period when athletic directors and head coaches evaluate their football programs, making determinations as to whether staff and personnel changes need to be made.

If seeking a position within a football coaching staff at either the high school or collegiate level, here are a few helpful tips and recommendations to assist with the job search.

Include a list of professional references (up to 4), preferably coaches and administrators. The coaching profession is a very small unit where “who you know” often plays a critical factor in securing a position.

If seeking a lateral move within collegiate programs (Or attempts to move from high school to college), list the areas and regions where you would be effective in recruiting student athletes. The ability to recruit, especially in the hotbed areas (Florida, Texas, Georgia, and California), determines the success of a program.

Provide a list of coaching areas of expertise (offensive / defensive formations) and associated team achievements.

NOTE: These recommendations are valuable to those seeking assistant coach and administrative positions. The résumé is not important to those who are candidates for head coach positions. Those candidates usually receive direct contact from the inquiring school, either from the athletic director or school president.