The One Question You Should Ask Your Business Mentor

The One Question You Should Ask Your Small Business Mentor

“What Would You Do Differently?”
“The relationship with a potential mentor is new, so solution-based questions can be more comfortable and respectful. The answer tells you if their feedback will help — the goal being to find a mentor that teaches and inspires you to think differently. It also allows you to see if they know about your business, your industry, your challenges and your opportunities.”
Mona Patel, Motivate Design

“What Is Your One Major Success?”
“A mentor should provide know-how and help you avoid repeating the same mistakes. In order to succeed, this type of focused advice is crucial. Perhaps you need to learn how to grow internationally, create a great team or perfect your business etiquette. You should always ensure your mentor is able to address the exact area you need to focus on in order to achieve maximum success.”
David Tomas, Cyberclick

“How Can I Work Smarter?”
“It’s a great sign when a mentor can answer this question well by condensing general tips on efficiency into a short conversation. Your mentor’s experience on specific sectors or wins will never be 100% identical to yours, but efficiency is a universal good that applies across all sectors of business. Plus, you gain insight into whether their work style and personality are similar to yours.”
Jared Brown, Hubstaff