The One Instagram Account Inspiring You to Travel and Be Adventurous

The One Instagram Account Inspiring You to Travel and Be Adventurous

(Image: Linda Matama, Instagram)

Yes, we travel. We jump out of planes. We flyboard through air and water. And we even swim in the darkness of the deep sea. But if you need visual proof that African Americans are not only traveling around the world, and that we’re also actively involved in adventure travel and outdoor sports, follow Black Adventuristas; an Instagram account dedicated to the black adventurous traveler.

Founded by Veronica Garnett, Black Adventuristas celebrates black women who dare to live adventurously. According to their Facebook page, “Black Adventuristas seeks to inspire black women to conquer their fears, pursue their dreams, and fully experience the adventure that is life. Whether it is traveling the world, tackling an epic bucket list, quitting a “good” job to pursue a non-traditional career, trying a daring new hair or lipstick color, or simply dining alone for the first time, all adventures are worthwhile. No adventure is too small and surely no adventure is too big. Everyone is different, therefore everyone’s definition of adventure is different.”

Here’s how Black Adventuristas curates its awe-inspiring photos: Travelers tag their adventure photos and videos using the hashtag #blackadventuristas on Facebook and Instagram, then Black Adventuristas curates those pictures from a community of travelers.

Need some inspiration to book your next travel adventure? Explore a few photos and videos below from Black Adventuristas IG account:

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