Mindful Approach: How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Mindful Approach: How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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Holiday time is here. Our schedules fill up quicker, our stress levels increase, and we love to indulge in all the goodies. It is important to take a mindful approach to staying healthy during the holidays. Here are some suggestions:

Plan ahead When you plan, you will be less stressed and more at ease. Whether you are visiting or hosting a holiday gathering, there is preparation that needs to take place. Sit down and write out your usual schedule as well as the events that you are attending and what you need to do to prepare.

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Eat mindfully Remember, during this time of year stress levels are naturally increased. When you are munching, please be mindful. If you know you have a day of errands, pack a snack that has nutrients and that will help you get through the day and evening. If you have a number of events to attend, try to eat a light meal just before you leave home; you will not be as hungry, and while you’re at the events your food intake will be less. If you choose to indulge, keep it in moderation.

Be present Remember this is a great time to create lasting memories. Try to be present at all times, this helps with your decision making, food choices, enjoying the moments, and reducing stress levels.

Move more Our schedules are packed, but it is important that you schedule and keep time for exercise. You are worth it. One hour out of your day can make a world of difference. This will also keep you balanced if you do tend to overindulge in the delicious food options.

Practice Self-Care  You can’t help anyone if you don’t take care of yourself. Schedule some time and do some activities that you truly enjoy and that you find relaxing. If that trip to the spa is overdue, schedule it. We are more stressed during this time of year, so relax and take care of yourself. You want to be healthy for a fabulous 2016.

Yvelette Stines is an award-winning writer whose work has been published in Essence, Uptown, Heart and Soul, Jones, Hispanic Executive Quarterly, and Green Build + Design, just to name a few. Her book, Vernon the Vegetable Man, encourages children to choose healthy lifestyle habits. Stines’ blog, Calming Corners, motivates readers to live a calm and healthy lifestyle. You can find her calmly playing on social media @yvelettestines and @calmingcorners.