BE Modern Man Spotlights - Finance Buffs: Meet Vasco Bridges III

[The Finance Buffs] Meet Vasco Bridges III

BE Modern Man Spotlight - The Finance Buffs - Vasco Bridges III
Vasco Bridges III, Business Development and Financial Management. Photo Source: Kori Biller of Motley Melange

Name: Vasco L. Bridges III

Profession: Business Strategy and Development: CEO of JANO Technologies, Inc. / Executive Director of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program at City Colleges of Chicago

Age: 34

I have contributed to my industry by: helping to build, sustain and operate businesses

A well rounded business professional, Vasco Bridges III has strategically leveraged his experiences to lead, execute, and grow organizations. Currently the Executive Director of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses initiative in Chicago,  he leads a team that aligns high quality education, personalized business support and capital distribution for entrepreneurs throughout Chicagoland. The program, operated in partnership with the City Colleges of Chicago, jumpstarts small business growth throughout a cross section of industries.

Additionally, Vasco also currently is the active CEO of JANO Technologies, Illinois’ leading Integrated Justice Information Management firm.

Originally hailing from Jackson, MS, Vasco has lived in Houston, New York, and Ann Arbor before settling in Chicago with his wife Brandi. He is a 2010 MBA graduate from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and also holds a MA from New York University in Music Business and a BA in Economics from Rice University.

Born into a family of teachers, doctors, and entrepreneurs, Bridges draws inspiration from the achievements he has witnessed for many years. “I come from a family of teachers, doctors and entrepreneurs, and the one thing all three have in common is that each of these professions have a profound impact on communities,” Bridges tells BE Modern Man. “You can’t have strong communities without either of these three. “While I chose a career in business, I try to teach people and fix things in whatever I do.”

His work dedicated to small businesses helps communities, individuals and families to advance on a path of financial stability. The financial impact Bridges is making through the Goldman Sachs Initiative is astounding. The Goldman Sachs progress report illustrates the power of small business financial health. Program alumni have gained greater access to capital, and increased use of financial statements to make informed decisions.

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