The Debate - Black Enterprise

The Debate

9:15pm EST: Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Debate Watching Party, Washington D.C. Convention Center

Obama started with his expectations for the debate. When he mentioned EIGHT years of failed Bush policies, the crowd at the Washington D.C. Convention center cheered wildly.

Now McCain. He says that Sen. Kennedy just went into the hospital. That’s sad, but it makes me angry that John McCain is once again trying to get “I care” cool points. Why does he always try to make himself seem like he is compassionate and caring?

McCain: I haven’t been feeling too great about a lot of things lately.

I bet. You played chicken with the debate and lost.

McCain says he is worried about corporate greed, and the crowd is laughing.

Obama is reacting to a question about the bailout. “We need more responsibility but not just when there is a crisis–not just when there is a crisis for people who have power and influence, but for the nurse and teacher.”

The crowd is cheering.

Debate moderator: Sen. McCain, do you agree with what Sen. Obama just said? …If you don’t, tell him what you disagree with.

The crowd is laughing, but I don’t know why…

McCain: Earmarks are like a gateway drug….I have fought against it…I didn’t win Miss Congeniatlity in Congress.

Obama cut off McCain in an ugly way: I don’t know where John is getting his figures. I close corporate loopholes…

The room is swelling.  When I first came in it was less than 1/5 full.

McCain just asked what is Sen. Obama’s defintion of rich.

Obama: There are people out there who aren’t getting taxed…Sen. McCain plans for the first time in history to tax HEALTH benefits..

Someone just yelled, “WHAT!”

9:25 pm

McCain: Who has fought to keep spending under control? Let’s let Americans choose if they want the existing tax code or a new tax code.

Obama: Oil companies would get an additional $4 billion in tax breaks.

Wow, there are some people dressed to the nines in here. I didn’t know that a presidential debate is cause to break out the club gear.