The Debate Watching Party continues...The Scene - Black Enterprise

The Debate Watching Party continues…The Scene


The looks:

People are intently and quietly listening and watching.

The walls on the back of the ballroom at the Washington D.C. Convention Center is colored with blue lights and white stars. Its very patriotic.

People are shaking their heads as McCain agains talks about somewhere he’s been and how much experience he has.

The expression on Obama’s face is one of disbelief at the words coming from McCain. He disagrees with the notion that he did not forcibly object to Russia invading Georgia.

The crowd is mostly black but still diverse. There are teachers and economists, politicians and media. Some people are wearing jeans and others Wall Street suits. Some people’s outfits are full of color while many are business black. There are church ladies and club chicks next to car sales men and reverends.

The one thing they seem to all have in common is complete support for Senator Barack Obama. When Obama lets out a zinger they cheer, clap, slap hands and together. When McCain attacks they scowl, boo and groan in unison.

When the debate first began syndicated radio personality Tom Joyner asked that they remember to be non partisan.

I think they forgot.