The App You Need Before Your Next Job Interview or Business Meeting

The App You Need Before Your Next Job Interview or Business Meeting

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Nowadays, nearly everyone has a mobile device at their fingertips and the Internet readily available. So there’s no reason why you should walk into a job interview, networking event or business meeting without learning about the people you’re about to meet.

But, if you still have a hundred excuses why you’re not prepared for your next meeting, meet Charlie. Charlie is a mobile app that combs through 100s of sources including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, news sites, blogs, and company databases–to compile a one-pager on the people you’re scheduled to meet with, before you see them.

Even if you’re looking to win a major business deal, Charlie, acting as a personal assistant, can send you the research needed within an hour of attending your next meeting. “Most people today spend more time preparing their script than they do learning about the other person. Forget about it. Spend all the time you have learning about the other person: what they really want, care about; feel about things, who they actually are. When someone feels like they matter, they’ll do the pitching for you. Especially when every other person comes in pitching their business and you come in pitching them,” said CEO and Founder of Aaron Frazin during an interview with Fast Company,

According to the CEO, Charlie can you save you 30 minutes each day.  If you Google someone again, you are wasting your time. Charlie’s research saves an average of 57 Google searches before each meeting connecting to your calendar and prepping you on the people and companies that you are meeting with.

Let’s face it everyone likes a little flattery. With the background information and personalization this app provides it gives you an edge in building deeper relationships by arming you with insights on your connections.