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Tech Disruptors for Good: Goodie Hack Aims to Transform Communities Worldwide

Goodie Hacker Justin Dawkins, co-founder of sf35
Goodie Hacker Justin Dawkins, co-founder of sf35
Goodie Hack participants ready for a day of idea hacking
Goodie Hack participants ready for a day of idea hacking.

Goodie Hack also provided the opportunity to impact lives directly and raise awareness for Be The Match® which provides lifesaving donor matching, with a special focus on registering more African American donors. Over the past 25 years, Be The Match®, operated by the National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP), has managed the largest and most diverse marrow registry in the world. Each team was tasked with incorporating Be The Match into their ideas. With the city of Atlanta serving as the catalyst for this movement, the organization plans to scale and help other communities around the country as soon as possible. Patterning its efforts after the widely successful Startup Weekend which organizes local teams in different cities to launch startups, Womack says that Goodie Hack can scale in a similar manner. “We need people on the ground, mobilizing teams, securing venues and local sponsorship, reaching out to partner organizations in the social good and business space, and recruiting volunteers.” The organizing team of Goodie Hack is well underway in mapping an ecosystem of organizations, change agents, professional talent, and you can be the next valuable resource to bring the mission to life in a community near you. You can sign up here to “Bring It To Your City” on the website, Requests are already rolling in from cities like Miami, Orlando, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Oakland, Chicago, Detroit, and others. The team is currently pulling together recommendations on how individuals and organizations can partner with each other. They are also looking to form national partnerships to aid in activating Goodie Hack local chapters and raise funds to provide the financial resources needed to sustain this game-changing operation. For more information on how to contribute or to participate in the next Goodie Hack, visit, or contact Joey Womack directly at Continue the conversation socially using the following: @GoodieHack | #GoodieHack | #BeTheMatch | #AccelerateWithGoogle

Author Candace Mitchell (@loveCandyV) is co-founder and CEO of Techturized Inc., enabling hair care personalization capabilities in the market for female consumers around the world. As a computer scientist and fellow coder, she spends her time in the lab working on the company’s first product, Myavana – a mobile social platform for black hair care, available on iOS and Android.