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UBR Spotlight: Food Service Mogul Warren Thompson

Alfred Edmond, Jr.
This week on The Urban Business Roundtable: Warren Thompson, the president and chairman of Thompson Hospitality Corp., the nation's largest black-owned food and facilities management...

The B.E. 100s: Bloodied, But Unbowed

Earl G. Graves, Sr.
A year ago, I told you that our most recent economic downturn, one of the most devastating in decades, would swiftly and definitively separate the...

2010 Entrepreneurs Conference: Legendary Inspirations

Malla Haridat
It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to network with 1,200+ of the most progressive black entrepreneurs from around the country. However, what...

WATCH: 2010 BE 100s Award Winners
The chief executives of Avis Ford, Thompson Hospitality, GlobalHue, and Barden Cos. share what it means to be named 2010 Black Enterprise Companies of the...