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Mary J. Blige, the Multi-Platinum Chicken Peddler? Say It Ain’t So

Janell Hazelwood
Joining the ranks of chicken-eating stereotypes, the multi-platinum singer adds an endorsement to the brand that simply doesn't make sense....

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: 8 Black Lottery Winners Who Hit Big

Sasha King
Here's a snapshot of minority winners and what they did with their millions....
Arts and Culture

Steve Stoute Explains the ‘Tanning of America’

Tomika Anderson
Former music executive turned advertising/marketing expert Steve Stoute explains why corporate America needs to tap into the power of hip-hop culture in his new book,...

In the News: Southern Baptists Elect First Black Rev.; Stevie Wonder in Apollo Hall of Fame;Pres. Obama’s Job Council Gets to Work

Janel Martinez
Headlines around the web...