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Why We Should Be Grateful for Our “Haters”

Alfred Edmond, Jr.
For some people, the thought of having haters is as fascinating as wondering about life on other planets. And just as pointless. What's to gain...
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Gene “Malice” Thornton’s Top 5 Books for Spiritual Growth

Anslem Samuel
As one-half of rap group the Clipse, Gene Elliott Thornton, Jr. (better known as Malice) trades in rap lyrics for his first novel, Wretched, Pitiful,...
Author/Blogger Demetria L. Lucas of A Belle in Brooklyn
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WATCH: Author Demetria L. Lucas Shares Her 5 Favorite Books

Anslem Samuel
Blogger turned author Demetria L. Lucas of the award-winning blog, A Belle in Brooklyn, discusses five of her favorite authors an books that have inspired...

There Were Not Enough Blacks at CES & It’s Our Own Fault

Marcia Wade Talbert
Why were so few African-Americans represented at CES. One blogger says Black parents are raising a generation of financially and educationally underpowered wimps, who’ve become...
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PHOTO GALLERY: Books That Can Help You Get a Job

Dale Coachman
Black Enterprise’s career experts from the July 2010 Job Readiness Guide offer resourceful books for professionals looking to advance their careers....