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45 Great Moments in Black Business: With $1500 in Cash She Becomes First Black Woman to Own a Billion-Dollar Company

Jeffrey McKinney
Janice Bryant Howroyd becomes first black woman to own a billion-dollar company when her staffing solution firm, Act-1, hits No. 3 on the 2011 industrial/service...

BE 100s Billion-Dollar Club: Lessons from Top-Earning Black Business

Derek T. Dingle
Over the past four decades, only eight black-owned companies have surpassed $1 billion in revenues. Meet the companies that made it into that exclusive BE...

Entrepreneurs Conference: How Janice Bryant Howroyd Built A Billion-Dollar Business

Carolyn M. Brown
Janice Bryant Howroyd, CEO of Act•1 Group, the first black woman to own a billion-dollar company, will share her keys to success as a featured...