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Arts and Culture

WATCH: The Grammys Decoded: Artists Discuss the Impact of a Win

Anslem Samuel
Artists ranging from Mary J. Blige to the Black Eyed Peas discuss the lasting impact of winning a Grammy on their career and networking...
Arts and Culture

2012 Grammys Decoded: Predictions on Music’s Big Night

Joel Lyons
The Grammys are a celebration of the music industry's best, L.A. Times writer Gerrick Kennedy shares his views on the musical landscape...

UBR Spotlight: Branding Innovator Steve Stoute

Alfred Edmond, Jr.
This week on The Urban Business Roundtable, UBR Contributor Renita D. Young speaks with music executive, entrepreneur, brand expert and author Steve Stoute, CEO and...

12 Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercials of the 21st Century

Amber McKynzie
In addition to the game itself, Super Bowl commercials are a major draw. Here are some of the most expensive spots since the turn of...

Super Bowl Decoded: The Financial Impact of the Big Game

Mia N. Hall
More than just a game, Super Bowl Sunday is big business as brands dish out ad dollars & businesses in hosting cities see surges in...

Drake Decoded: How the International Star ‘Takes Care’ of Business

Andreas Hale
In a few short years, Canadian rap star Drake has made a million-dollar brand that includes platinum plaques, an acting career, sold out tours and...

Joe Frazier Decoded: The People’s Champion Remembered

Anslem Samuel
In the wake of the death of Joe Frazier, boxing fans reflect on his legacy and impact on the sport. From product pitchman and entrepreneur...

Bill Cosby Decoded: A Family-Friendly Brand

Kevin L. Clark
From comedian to actor to educator and philanthropist, Bill Cosby has done it all and been successful in the process. An advertising giant and television...