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Would Jesse Jackson Have Been a Better Black President than Obama?

Raynard Jackson
Before Barack Obama there was Jesse Jackson. Here's a look at the lasting impact Jesse Jackson had on the Black community despite not becoming president...

Is George Zimmerman the New OJ Simpson? The Politics of Race & Law in America

Chloe Hilliard
After the shooting death of Trayvon martin George Zimmerman has become more hated than OJ Simpson, who also divided the country by race in his...

Remembering a Media Legend: Top 5 Black News Moments with Mike Wallace

Janell Hazelwood
From Malcolm X to Tina Turner, Mike Wallace--who died April 7--- has had a stellar media industry career with his tough questions and keep-it-real approach....

How Long Before We Forget About Trayvon Martin?

Anslem Samuel
Following the death of Trayvon Martin everyone's rallying for justice, but will the activism last once a new trending topic arises? Is Trayvon Martin just...