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[Watch] Black History Month: How Freed Slaves Created and Lost $57 Million

Stacey Tisdale
Between 1865 and 1874, about 100,000 black individuals and institutions amassed $57 million in the Freedman's Bank, an institution created by then President Abraham Lincoln...
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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on New Role as US Global Cultural Ambassador

Mia N. Hall
NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar speaks on his historic role in government and his documentary on the Harlem Rens...
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Director Sam Pollard Discusses ‘Slavery By Another Name’

Brett Johnson
Longtime Spike Lee collaborator Sam Pollard delivers Slavery By Another Name, a powerful documentary covering history of slavery & prison...

Obama’s Occupy GOP Campaign

Derek T. Dingle
President Obama's engaged in fierce combat to advance his economic agenda while positioning himself for the 2012 campaign....
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US Presidents Decoded: 49 Milestones in LGBT History

Kahliah A. Laney
From Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama, US presidents have presided over many great moments in gay rights and the LGBT movement. BlackEnterprise.com constructs a comprehensive...