Swarthmore College - Black Enterprise

Swarthmore College


Mailing Address: 500 College Avenue, Swarthmore, PA 19081

Rank on 2008 List: 7

Rank on 2006 List: 39

Average GPA: N/A

Total Enrollment: 1,491

African American Enrollment: 126

Acceptance Rates: 18%

*Average SAT scores: Reading: 680-780; Math: 680-760; Writing: 680-760

Black Student Group(s): Achieving Black and Latino Leaders of Excellence (ABLLE) mentoring program, Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA), Swarthmore African American Student Society (SASS), Swarthmore African Students Association (SASA), Black Studies (Academic Program), Black Cultural Center

Application Deadline(s): Jan. 2

Early Admissions deadline(s): Nov. 15

Start Sending Acceptance Letters: April 1

Financial Aid options/deadline(s): Feb. 15

Costs: Tuition: $36,490; Housing: $11,314; Books:$1,080

*25th Percentile-75th Percentile


Nick Peterson, Assistant Dean of Admissions and Director of Multicultural Recruitment

What are you looking for in a student?

We are looking for students who are energized by learning and desire to be in a community that respects and supports diverse forms and expressions of intellect and intelligence. While there is no “typical” Swarthmore student, a deep passion for intellectual discovery and exploration is common amongst our students.

What advice do you have for students who might fall short of minimum requirements, but still want to attend?

While a few blemishes on a transcript or slightly below average test scores will not ruin all chances of being admitted, it does give the admissions committee pause. Students who have concerns about their admissibility should directly contact their regional admissions dean early on in the process. If at all possible a student might want to schedule an on-campus or regional interview as that will give the student the opportunity to explain his/her unique situation.

What advice do you have for applicants?

Present an authentic application. What are the questions that you, the student, want an admissions representative to ask you? As a student is able to think about the nature of those questions, he/she should aim to present an application that answers those questions. The admissions office is charged with creating community. Communities are dynamic and filled with different types of people with different interests and skills. As a student presents an authentic application, the admissions committee is better able to see how the student fits in the larger community.

What kind of opportunities do you have for non-traditional students?

We accept both transfer and international applications, and all are reviewed in a holistic manner. For all our admitted students we meet 100% of demonstrated need with 100% grant. Both transfer and international students have an orientation program that acclimate them to the campus and larger community. Transfer and