Survey: Working Moms More Content With Jobs Than Dads

Survey: Working Moms More Content With Jobs Than Dads

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According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, working moms tend to be more content in their jobs overall, despite earning less than male counterparts. Seventy-eight percent of working moms report they are happy in their current roles at work compared with 73 percent of working dads.

“Moms and dads are on a 24-hour shift, seven days a week,” says Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder and a working mom. “The skills you develop as a parent to teach, troubleshoot, manage multiple priorities and arbitrate are very transferable to corporate environments. If you’re a parent getting back into the workforce or first joining it, incorporate what you learned from those work experiences at home.”

Also, research found that a majority of employers (65 percent) believe that parenting can qualify as relevant experience for the workplace. Check out the top work-related skills that employers say people acquire as parents include:

Multi-tasking: 64 percent
Time Management: 58 percent
Conflict management: 49 percent
Problem-Solving Skills: 48 percent
Mentoring: 40 percent
Budgeting and Managing Finances: 34 percent
Negotiation: 33 percent
Project management: 25 percent