Why Success Could Be Bad for Your Career

Why Success Could Be Bad for Your Career

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Who would’ve thought that being successful at your job could lead to damaging your career? Like many things being successful has its pros and cons. The way you handle success determines whether you will continue to excel or fail. Brazen Careerist sheds some light on being successful without letting it go to your head.

Success brings distractions

Success creates opportunities. More opportunities means more options and distractions. You win one client, then another, then another. Now you need more infrastructure and have to hire and train help. Or you get a big promotion. Now you have to manage employees whose job performance reflects on your own. Success is wonderful and worth pursuing, but it has to be coupled with focus.

Focus is the key to ongoing success, so you can avoid the one-hit wonders. As you make smart choices, the risk of becoming distracted grows.

So establish a clear vision and mission for your career and stick with it. Come rain or shine, success or failure, focusing on this will keep you on track.

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