Style Suite: How to Rock Office-Friendly Fur

Style Suite: Rock That Office-Friendly Fur

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Since kicking off the Style Suite, the one question I’m frequently asked is if it’s okay to wear fur to work. If you’ve been following my advice in the twice weekly column, then you can probably guess that I’m all for the fluffy accents in the work place.  It’s the ultimate luxury compliment to a wardrobe. Whether you’re pulling it out now to battle the chilly winds or a holding on to the fashion myth that it doesn’t come out until after Thanksgiving, here’s how you can wear fur to work, professionally. (Shop the looks here.)

Real or Faux: It use to be that real fur was the only fur worth wearing, but now faux fur looks just as good and sometime better than the real thing. Also, it’s a lot more socially conscious. Quality faux fur is easy to find in any form and at a price to fit every budget.

Accessories: As with most things I recommend here in the Style Suite, if you’re reluctant to try fur, start out small. From hats and gloves, to scarves and shrugs, fur accessories compliment cold-weather style and they don’t require a full commitment since they come off as soon as you walk in. Consider adding a detachable fur collar to your coat or try a June Ambrose- style, big furry hat. Side note: A leather bag with a little fur texture is also a chic compliment to your work wear.

Accents: If you aren’t afraid to incorporate the furry texture into your office look, try a cardigan with a fur lapel, or layer a fur vest over your dress. A quality vest with fur details can double as both outerwear and ready-to-wear.

Things to Avoid:

  • Full-on, head-to-toe fur: Don’t overdo it. Pick one or two pieces to compliment the rest of your ensemble.
  • Fur jewelry and fuzzy footwear are not OK for work.
  • White and bright fur: Instead opt for more natural and subtle tones. Remember its the work place not the runway.
  • Bad faux fur: The good stuff should resemble the real thing, not road kill.

The next time you question if it’s okay to wear fur into the office, consider the tips above and remember its always best in moderation.  As with all things in the Style Suite,  it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

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