3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Inbox

3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Inbox

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Its common practice to thoroughly clean your house from top to bottom while spring cleaning, but have you thought about tackling the numerous emails in your inbox? The annual practice of sprucing-up your residence, making repairs and purging items no longer used is often left to the tangible areas of life, but this is a great time to get your tech-life together, too.

Here, The Daily Muse highlights ways you can spring clean your inbox:

Sort Through the Clutter

Since your attention is automatically given to the newer emails, start with your oldest emails. Peruse through your email settings, selecting sort by “oldest” emails to get cracking on those unopened messages.

Don’t Hesitate to Send to Trash

Commit to ridding yourself of inbox-clutter by trashing those unread newsletters, notifications from social media sites and all-around useless emails.

To tackle the clutter, try to…

  • Search for “unsubscribe” to surface newsletters you can opt out from.
  • Look at your trash for any emails that are still unread. If you deleted it without looking at it–chances are you don’t need it in the first place.
  • Search “from:no-reply” to discover automated emails from companies (I prefer emails from real people).

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