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South Africa Welcomes the World for Premier Soccer Event


Adam Carnegie, a World Cup entrepreneur and founder of the Kelp Environmental Learning Project, agrees. “South Africa is hugely fortunate to have this gift, the greatest show on earth, just at a time when the world is in recession,” he says, stressing that, “opportunity is everywhere.” Carnegie is an avid environmentalist who produces the country’s iconic vuvuzela horn from the environmentally friendly plant, as opposed to traditional plastic. The project has been accepting large-scale orders for the decorative, hand painted instruments and Carnegie is confident similar opportunities are available to his fellow countrymen.

Beyond South Africa’s borders, however, Bergman believes the influx of tourists arriving for the four-week long tournament will have a significant impact on African tourism as a whole.  While he believes “South Africa will be portrayed as the world’s entry point to Africa,” he is also confident that “travelers will seek out unique travel opportunities in the region above and beyond South Africa.”

Getting tickets

Tickets are being sold in phases and can be purchased through FIFA either online or through a paper Ticket Application form.

Online applicants are encouraged to join the FIFA Club before submitting their ticket requests either through the random selection draw, or the first come first served draw.

Paper ticket applications can be downloaded at and must be submitted to the 2010 FIFA World Cup Ticketing Centre via post or fax (Aurorastrasse 100, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland, +41 43222 6800).

Tickets will be on sale:

Through November 16, 2009

December 5 – January 22, 2010

February 9 – April 7

April 16 to July 11.

They will be available for collection from April 2010.