8 Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in Under Five Minutes

8 Ways to Enhance Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in Under Five Minutes

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You’re a business owner, attempting the proverbial hat trick. You know, the one where you are the founder, manager, HR director, IT technician and on occasion, the janitor. Where does day-to-day social media marketing come into play? It doesn’t.

That’s why I am here to provide eight ways to enhance your business presence online in under five minutes, based on my experience in the industry. Because five minutes is really all you have.

Keep Your Social Media Profiles Consistent

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, it is important to ensure all your channels have a consistent look and feel, as well as messaging.

Your one-line bio on Instagram should match the same one line bio on Twitter so people have a clear understanding of what you do. You don’t see Coca-Cola running around with a variety of logos. They spend millions to make sure you can recognize their logo, whether you’re in Nightmute, Alaska, or Placencia, Belize. (Yes, both those places actually exist.)

While you may not have the marketing budget of Coca-Cola, you can look like them by having consistent branding on your website and social media channels.

“Just Keep Posting, Just Keep Posting” -Digital Dory

This is a tricky one, yet very important. When people start following the awesome posts and blogs on your social media pages, they expect to see them on a consistent basis. We really encourage posting on a daily basis, if not weekly. I can already hear you saying, “When does someone have time for this…”

One word: Hootsuite. Platforms like Hootsuite or Sproutsocial allow you to schedule posts ahead of time. Therefore, on Sunday night you can schedule out everything you wish to publish throughout the week. Then continue to check your pages for comments and questions throughout the week. 

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Lyndsi Stafford is the CEO of eLuminate Marketing, an online platform that specializes in original, authentic, and real storytelling.

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