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Show Them the Money

Wellington Webb
Former Mayor Wellington Webb

During the Congressional Black Caucus meeting, Rev. Leah D. Daughtry spoke and gave major kudos to former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, who she credited with the foresight and planning to help the Democratic National Convention run smoothly.

Mayor Webb wasn’t inside to accept the compliment, but was just outside the Wells Fargo Theater at the Denver Convention Center selling and signing his book.  Lines, photo ops and lots of hand-shaking was going on.

Webb is the president and CEO of the Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce, whose mission statement is “to facilitate the economic empowerment of the African American community,” has been working to make sure that more African American business benefit from the convention.

However, there appears to be some reluctance on his part to state that the Chamber’s efforts have been a resounding success. Of the $160 million that the Democratic National Conference Committee says will be generated from the convention, Webb says that he does know people who are doing business with the DNCC.

“We’re doing well,” he says. But, “well is a generic term.”

He didn’t care to elaborate, but said final numbers of how much African Americans will benefit won’t be known until after the convention ends.

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