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Shocking Messages

As expected, there are protesters outside of the Denver Convention Center hosting the DNC. But what I’ll never get used to is the use of shock tactics in banners, advertisements and billboards and such  employed by certain groups to get attention. Occasionally outside the DNC offices is a truck or van showing a bloody aborted fetus with large spelling out some anti-Obama message.

Now I’m not trying to get into a debate on right to life versus right to choose but I think there’s a right way and a wrong way to get your message across. And showing images that will give children (and maybe even adults) nightmares isn’t the right way. The anti-smoking groups employ something similar, showing diseased lungs or simulations of babies inhaling smoke and other disturbing images that would churn the stomach of a New York City sewer rat.

Has the American public become so desensitized that the only way to reach them is to by force-feeding folks images until they heave?  I admire passion in supporting a cause, but there’s a line that’s crossed far too often.