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She’s Helping Women Entrepreneurs Build Healthy, Fundable Legacies

She's Got Her Own Network (Image: Christia'n Annice)
She's Got Her Own Network (Image: Christia'n Annice)

Christia’n Annice, the founder of She’s Got Her Own Network, started a members-only, paid-subscription, data resource platform for women in order to encourage them to free themselves of their financial burdens. The platform provides its members with resources, strategies, and solutions along with a community of like-minded individuals, who congratulate one another on their dreams and goals.

Black Enterprise caught up with Annice to discuss how the network works, why she decided to start it, and what her plans are to grow and scale the company.

She's Got Her Own Network Meetup (Image: Christia'n Annice)
She’s Got Her Own Network Meetup (Image: Christia’n Annice)


Tell me about your background.

Over the last 15+ years, I have launched personal business startups that provided me with the business knowledge and influential contacts that I am able to now share with others. With a keen eye for design and advanced graphic design skills, I was able to design and launch multiple websites for my personal brands. Without understanding at the time, I was creating not only a brand with the use of technology, but I had also become a professional influencer marketer in my local community, thus granting me the credibility to create the She’s Got Her Own Network.

Why did you decide to start an entrepreneurship network for women?

I decided to start a female entrepreneurship network due to the requests of numerous women approaching me with questions regarding how they could formulate their own successful startups and build healthy, fundable legacies instead of just creating comfortable lifestyles. I’ve become a success utility tool for women on the rise and the network is a place and space for them to cultivate online.

How does it work?

Users log in to gain access to resources and course material. One-on-one mentorship sessions are provided as needed to assist with consumer/corporate credit issues and small business consulting, proper business entity structuring, financial fitness, and life balance coaching.

How has technology helped you to get to your customer faster?

With the use of our email lists, sales funnels, landing pages, pop-up opt-ins, and digital products, She’s Got Her Own Network has been able to diversify and monetize its small business financial portfolio very quickly.

What are your plans to scale the company?

Our plans to scale the company will be accomplished through partnerships within the U.S. and globally. We look forward to expanding the brand by linking up with other like-minded women who have similar goals.

If you are interested in inquiring about She’s Got Her Own Network, you can find out more information here.