"Savvy Cupcake" Owner Sits Down to Talk Business and Fashion Line

“Savvy Cupcake” Owner Sits Down to Talk Business and Fashion Line

Creme Magazine sat down with “Savvy Cupcake” owner Shaniese Grant to discuss upcoming plans for her brand.

Name: Shaniese Grant

Company: Savvy Cupcake LLC

Year Founded: May 2011

Crème Magazine: Who’s your target consumer for the Savvy Cupcake brand?

Shaniese Grant : Savvy Cupcake is a fashion apparel company for professional women from 21-40 who want to be relaxed and maintain their sophistication.

CM: How did you come up with the name Savvy Cupcake for a clothing line?

Shaniese Grant: Naturally I wanted to name the clothing line after something that was near and dear to me. My obsession with the sweet treat of a cupcake and….   My dog is also named Cupcake.  SAVVY… is to be in the know and all of my customers are fashion conscious Savvyista’s.

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