Samsung Commercial Targets African-American Families

Samsung Hits Home Featuring African-American Family in Ad

(Image: Samsung)
(Image: Samsung)

The holiday season is the perfect time to capture those special moments with loved ones. In today’s world, that means you better have an amazing camera on your smartphone to Facebook, Instagram or TwitPic the moment.

The South Korean-based electronics company highlights the need for a great camera phone and family gatherings during the holidays in its latest commercial, titled “Family Photo,” which features an African-American family attempting to take a portrait with the new Samsung Galaxy Note II.

“The commercial highlights the Galaxy Note II’s newest feature, called ‘best shot,’ which allows users to save individual shots of a group, then combine them into one photo at the end,” reports The Grio. “The lighthearted and humorous commercial depicts a suburban family’s impatience to stay still for the photo, but in the end the mother is pleasantly surprised that a greeting-card worthy picture was taken.”

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