Roland Martin Launches New Lifestyle Website Called AllThat.TV

Roland Martin Launches New Lifestyle Website Called AllThat.TV

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Roland Martin, one of the hardest working men in media, has launched a new digital lifestyle website that promises to enlighten, empower, and entertain its audience.

On Tuesday, the award-winning TV host, journalist, and author rolled out AllThat.TV, which is described as “a website daily digital destination for national news, pop culture, politics, lifestyle features, health and wellness, cooking segments, faith-based content and a weekly motivational series,” reads a press release. Original video and live video streams will also be featured on the site.

Although Martin is popularly known for his political and news commentary, he said he created the website in order to highlight all of his interests that extend beyond hard news.

“I really wanted something that would allow me to go outside of [traditional news],” he told Black Enterprise. He added that he will be dipping into his archive to publish lifestyle-related content that he has in his stash. “I have a ton of stuff that I shot over the years that I can repurpose.”

“My social media followers know I love music, dancing, [f]ood, clothes and all sorts of other things, so I wanted a place dedicated to exploring those subjects. With AllThat.TV, I’ll be able to stretch my wings and do some creative things. I can’t wait for folks to see what we have in store!” he said in a statement.

Another reason he launched AllThat.TV is to provide a platform for young content creators to “establish their voice.”

“I’ve been fortunate over the last 25 years as a professional journalist to be able to build a name, to build a platform, so [now] I want to offer something to somebody else,” he told BE.

Martin will be working with a team of writers and national influencers to contribute to the site, which is being launched in partnership with Quantasy, a digital development company.

“We’re excited to announce our partnership with Roland Martin on AllThat.TV,” said Julius Difuntorum, senior digital brand manager, Quantasy, in a statement. “An accomplished TV host, author, and journalist, Roland has an unwavering insight, perspective, and credibility that can impact culture on many levels. Through his online presence, Roland is able to spark tremendous engagement and conversations surrounding trending topics in real time. Our goal is to transcend that formula of engagement across many different formats.”

Martin, who currently hosts TV One’s News One Now with Roland Martin, has played an instrumental role in launching other websites including the and

Watch a video promo of AllThat.TV below.