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Rihanna, Puma, and 3 Other Top Celebrity Fashion Deals

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Shortly after its design collaboration with eclectic artist Solange, Puma announced that Rihanna would also be joining the company as their new Women’s Creative Director and the Global Ambassador for Women’s Training. In the news release, Puma revealed that in addition to offering her style sense, Rih Rih would also “play a starring role in PUMA’s brand campaign, Forever Faster and be featured along with many of PUMA’s world-class athletes such as Usain Bolt and Sergio Aguero.” This new business deal with the longstanding German sportswear brand is a reflection of Rihanna’s strong business skill outside of her artistry. This is no new terrain for the international pop icon, either. Since her career takeoff in 2005, Rihanna has made multiple partnerships with mega brands, particularly of the beauty and fashion industry: CoverGirl, MAC, Balmain, and River Island, among others. 2014 experienced record lows in music sales, so taking your business into the boardroom of mega brands is a wise strategy if you’re an artist.

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