Rihanna, Miguel and More See Increased Album Sales After Grammy Awards
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Rihanna and More Win Big with Sales Increase After Grammy’s

Artists must be doing something right to earn a Grammy nomination, Grammy award or request to perform during highly-viewed awards show, but it’s what happens after the night of glitz and glamour that really catches the public’s attention.

According to Vibe.com, artist such as Rihanna, Frank Ocean and Miguel all have a reason to celebrate this week as their album sales have increased since their performances on the 2013 Grammy stage Sunday night (February 10).

Riri has sold upwards of 67,000 units of her song, “Stay,” since she graced the stage with her legato vocals, “which is a 300 percent increase compared to the numbers she was doing before the Grammys.” Frank Ocean has seen a 140-percent sales increase of his debut album, Channel Orange, since performing his single, “Forrest Gump,” Sunday night. And eclectic R&B singer Miguel pushed “more than 40,000 copies of ‘Adorn’ after performed alongside hip-hop’s father-to-be, Wiz Khalifa.

With more than 28 million viewers during this year’s awards show, “analysts predict that those sales could increase over the course of next month or so.”