Report: Women Have More Jobs, But Even More Poverty

Report: Women Have More Jobs, But Even More Poverty

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According to reports, women were able to regain jobs lost in the Great Recession of 2008, but new findings show that even though they gained jobs, they are still more likely to face poverty than men.

Women gained lower paying jobs—and still earn less than their male counterparts in the jobs they regained, CBS reports. More than 14% of women lived in poverty last year, compared with 11% of men, and more than 30% of families led by single mothers live below the poverty level. (The poverty rate for single fathers was at more than 16%.)

Though figures show that women pursue higher education more than men, they still lag behind in employment and salary in industries including technology, finance and healthcare. And of the regained jobs were low-paying occupations such as waitresses and housekeepers.