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Relax, Relate, Release: 4 Calm Steps to Accomplish Any Goal

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We all have goals that we want to accomplish. Some people are practical where others have a long list of goals. They might look at the list, get overwhelmed and then do absolutely nothing. This can result in burnout, missed moments, and the empty feeling of what’s next. Progress takes time, it is a journey and I encourage you to enjoy the steps as you get to the destination.

Here are four calming ways to set and keep your goals:

1. Write it down: There is power in the written word. As we write down our goals we are already setting an intention. I would start with writing down everything you want to accomplish. Then organize it into categories, once you are done pick one out of each category and then give yourself a time frame. From there write the goal and how your plan on accomplishing it. As you set goals it will help you focus and align yourself accordingly. It will also help you steer away from unnecessary distractions.

Health: (goal)(time to complete)(steps to complete goal)
That way you have a plan and system in place.

2. Review you goals: Look them over daily. This will help you stay focused and on purpose. With a daily reminder you have your goal in mind and will be less tolerant of unnecessary distractions. Each week review your goals and what you did to work toward accomplishing them. If you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted, be gentle with yourself and tap in to figure out why.

3. Celebrate: Honoring yourself is and accomplishments are a health. If you completed all of your tasks treat yourself to something nice. You deserve it.

4. Gratitude: There is always a higher power, God, working along with you. Give thanks and ask for direction you will be moved to do certain things that will help you along your path. Keep the faith and know all is aligned for the greater good.

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