5 Reasons Gucci Man Isn't the Best Career Role Model

Career Day? Really? 5 Reasons Gucci Mane Isn’t the Best Role Model

gucci mane
Hip-hop artist, Gucci Mane (Image: File)

Clearly we live in an crazy world when tattoos, gold in your mouth and a nursery rhyme over a hot beat means you’ve reached the pinnacle of success.

Wednesday, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane tweeted a pic of himself speaking at Georgia’s Crawford W. Long Middle School for their Career Day. While giving back to the community is never a bad thing, there comes a point when we all realize everyone who has a little bit of fame may not be in the position to be a role model for youth. Below are five reasons the “Freaky Girl” rapper might be the last person you’d want giving professional advice to students:

1. “Trap God” is the title of his latest mixtape. We highly doubt any content that will help advance a middle school student’s career—or anyone’s career for that matter—will be talked about on a mixtape titled “Trap God.” (And if you know what the “trap” is, I don’t think you want your children aspiring to be the top boss there.)

2. His resume of rap lyrics shows no diversity. While just about every rapper brags about women, money, cars, and their street credibility, many artists also rap about their desire for success, their transition from the streets to the boardroom, and their ability to expand their brand beyond just rap, proving that they have a long resume of diverse experiences. Name one song where Gucci shows diversity in his lyrics? I’ll wait … OK.

3. Does he even own a suit and tie? Every great businessman knows how to look the part even if he knows his credentials aren’t up to par. Any true professional who’s speaking to a group of students about careers and success will want their image to match their message, which makes us wonder what exactly was Gucci’s message?

4. His brand isn’t exactly job market-friendly. In an age where all of your professional and personal business is open to the public with a quick Google search, it’s important to keep a clean brand perception while on the job hunt, and it’s without question that Gucci’s online appearance is far from employment-friendly.

5. Can you imagine Gucci at a networking event? While every professional knows how to let their hair down outside of office hours, they also know how to quickly switch things up when entering a networking event or professional setting. From sit-down interviews to red carpet appearances, this Atlanta rapper takes the street style and demeanor wherever he goes. This isn’t necessarily bad for his line of work, but the average young professional won’t be successful doing the same.