Rapper Desiigner Says He's 'Taking it Easy' on His Tenants During COVID and Donating to United Way of New York City - Black Enterprise

Rapper Desiigner Says He’s ‘Taking it Easy’ on His Tenants During COVID and Donating to United Way of New York City

Desiigner (Image: Facebook)

We haven’t heard a lot from Sidney Royel Selby, also known as Grammy-nominated rap artist Desiigner, lately but he is staying busy. He just released a single and has been giving back during the pandemic by helping others looking for relief amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to Forbes.

The Brooklyn rapper, who won the Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Song for his heavily played 2017 single “Panda,” wants to inspire hope in those suffering from the COVID-19 crisis. Desiigner just released a new single and video earlier this month, “Survivor.”

“With everything hitting hard right now in New York City, I got a whole bunch of family members there and I want to help the communities out. Like in my borough, in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, it’s urban and packed with projects. And the folks there aren’t really getting noticed as much right now — as usual.”

With the release of “Survivor”, Desiigner is allocating some of the proceeds to the United Way of NYC to benefit front line workers and struggling families.

“United Way of New York City is a place I got trust in. Because they aren’t only working on getting New Yorkers out of poverty — they are doing more. That’s really going to be needed once we get past this COVID-19 pandemic. Honestly, if you look at the minimum wage, it would never be enough to get by; it keeps people relying on handouts. New Yorkers need more; they deserve more. UWNYC is working to make sure families are self-sufficient. That means helping families stand on their own two feet.

“I chose them because they are working in some of the hardest-hit COVID-19 neighborhoods in NYC, just like the one I grew up in, and I trust their credibility to use the dollars where the need is the greatest,” the rapper said.

With Desiigner knowing the financial restraints caused by the coronavirus, he, as a property owner and landlord, has been more understanding when it comes to his tenants being unable to make rent.

“So I have to look at all areas of my life and do my part — artists play lots of different roles in communities. For example with housing… I’m a landlord with multiple properties. And some people can’t afford rent right now and I have to hold that. How are you going to be able to live for the next couple months? You gotta take it easy on your tenants, be understanding of what’s possible right now. I have to take the hits because I also don’t want to see anybody on the street. I can help so I do. “