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Procrastination…A Good Thing?


We all do it in some form or another. Wait till the last moment to finish an assignment, wait to do laundry, wait to get gas. Procrastination can come in many forms, some more subtle than others. Although ultimately we are putting off something by procrastinating, it doesn’t always mean that something is not getting done.  Brazen Careerist explains some ways that procrastination can be a good thing.

Good procrastination vs. bad procrastination

So where do you draw the line between creative procrastination and negative procrastination?

According to some scientists, there are two main types of procrastination: passive procrastination and active procrastination.

Passive procrastination is the kind we’re most familiar with, when you put something off but don’t replace it with a useful task. During active procrastinating, however, you’re fully aware that there’s something you should be doing, but you’ve decided that what you’re doing instead is more important and will pay off in the long run.

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