Primpii App Connects Clients to Beauty Pros

Primpii App Connects Clients to Beauty Pros

Primpii_Tausha Robertson
Primpii founder, Dr. Tausha Robertson

Have you ever traveled for business or pleasure and wanted to get your hair, nails or other beauty services done? However, maybe you didn’t know where to go as an out-of-towner, or perhaps Yelp wasn’t providing much guidance? Well, there is now an app for that: Primpii.

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Primpii is a beauty-sharing app. It’s used for crowd-sourced, intimate reviews of salons and hair stylists all over the country.

The app’s founder is Dr. Tausha Robertson, a former senior director at a private equity consulting firm.

“Having moved around the country with different jobs, one of the biggest challenges you have is re-establishing the personal beauty services that you are always looking to get on referral,” says Dr. Robertson. Primpii is the first app she has launched.

Integrating with social media, Primpii provides users a way to find beauty service referrals from their existing friends across social media.

“Yelp and Google or Angie’s List are great sources of information, but they do not provide the type of intimate referral that people are looking for when it comes to personal care,” Dr. Robertson says.

“You may trust a stranger’s opinion on most services, but when you’re looking for a place to get your hair styled, you want to know (where to go) from a friend whose hair you like, or somebody you’ve met whose brows, nails, or makeup look good.”

Primpii also offers benefits for beauty professionals. They can benefit from client referrals; post VIP deals for customers, and have a web/social media presence without spending a lot of capital and time.

Additionally, salon shop owners and other beauty industry professionals can claim and update their profile on Primpii; send out notifications to clients to fill empty appointment slots; send customized offers to clients’ networks to attract new customers, and can upload images to display their best work.

The Primpii app is now available on iTunes. Primpii can be followed on social media via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram through the handle “Primpii_app.” For more info, go to